Pillarhouse USA Continues to Support Long-Standing Cadet Solder Coil Winding Machines

Pillarhouse USA Continues to Support Long-Standing Cadet Solder Coil Winding Machines

Pillarhouse USA Continues to Support Long-Standing Cadet Solder Coil Winding Machines

Pillarhouse USA is pleased to illustrate that two of our Cadet solder coil winding machines, purchased in 1993 and 1999 respectively, by a well known manufacturing leader in the New England region, are both still fully operational, despite production of the machine being discontinued in 2016.

The Cadet was a high specification, benchtop, coil soldering machine, which has since been replaced within Pillarhouse’s current product range by the Quadron.

The first of this customer’s Cadet machines was ordered and delivered in the early 1990’s and continues to be used for the soldering of specific solenoid products to this day. In addition to the standard configuration flux bath and solder pot, this system also features a press that drives terminal pins to their finished position after soldering. The customer also later designed their own fixturing to solder axial pin designs.

This production tweak resulted in the purchase of their second Cadet machine in 1999, which is still used for the soldering of axial terminal pin solenoids. Originally tooled for a bespoke product manufactured by the customer, this additional system was configured with simply a flux bath and solder pot. However, the flexibility of the platform allowed them to design other tooling, which has enabled them to expand the variety of products they can process.

Testament to the longevity and reliability of Pillarhouse’s machine design and service processes, we are delighted to confirm that these Cadet machines have never required on-site attention from our service team and continue to run smoothly, in conjunction with stellar upkeep and maintenance by the customer.

A source at the New England-based customer, said, “We are fortunate to be self-sufficient when it comes to keeping these machines operating, and we have never needed Pillarhouse to provide in-person assistance. We keep these machines clean and free of flux and solder build-up, as all manufacturers should, and this has been helpful in their continued productivity.”

The source continued by saying, “Whenever we have needed spare parts or technical support, Pillarhouse has always provided great phone service and responded quickly to our requests. Larry Hall and Luis Munoz are two Pillarhouse engineers who helped us resolve the few electrical issues we have had over thirty years of maintaining these machines.”

Other than low-level control board issues experienced several years ago, the customer’s Cadet machines have held up well and run strong ever since, with minimal wear and tear effects.

For more information on Pillarhouse International’s contemporary coil soldering system, the Quadron, please visit; Quadron (PLC) Coil Winding (pillarhouse.co.uk)