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05 Jul 2022
pillarhouse mexico

Pillarhouse International Expanding Mexico Sales & Service Support Capabilities

Pillarhouse International Expanding Mexico Sales & Service Support Capabilities

pillarhouse mexico

Pillarhouse International is pleased to confirm an expansion of our sales and technical support capabilities in Mexico, with a continued dedication to improving our availability to customers across North and Central America by working in conjunction with Pillarhouse USA.

This increased commitment means that Pillarhouse Mexico now have three service engineers available on-site, online and by telephone during regular 8AM-5PM CDT working hours. Two of these service engineers are based in Guadalajara for customers in central and western Mexico, with a third service engineer based in Monterrey for customers in northern and eastern Mexico.

As well as increased service personnel, Pillarhouse International has three spare parts locations for customers across North and Central America, with one site in each of Guadalajara and Monterrey respectively, along with our main Pillarhouse USA facility in Chicago, USA.

Regarding our Mexican sales force, Pillarhouse International has a well-trained group of commercial representatives spread throughout the Mexican territory, helping potential customers get the best proposal for their selective soldering needs in terms of equipment selection and configuration, as well as process development.

Tomas Guitron, Pillarhouse Mexico Sales & Service Manager, spoke on this further by saying, “Pillarhouse Mexico has an extremely capable sales and technical support team ready to assist our customers across the country. In times where some big companies are finally realising the potential of the Mexican market, it is important that Pillarhouse International adapts to reflect their needs.”

Guitron continued explaining Pillarhouse Mexico’s evolution by saying, “We are demonstrating that adaptation by increasing our sales and service team here and developing new remote support tools to offer our customers various quick problem-solving options, using the latest technology available in video conferences software, safe information sharing and instant messaging applications.”

For more information on Pillarhouse International’s sales and technical support capabilities in Mexico and beyond, please visit After Sales – Pillarhouse International

30 Jun 2022

Pillarhouse Improves Pro-Active Engineering’s Production with Multi-Platform Selective Soldering

Pillarhouse Improves Pro-Active Engineering’s Production with Multi-Platform Selective Soldering


Pro-Active Engineering, a well-known leader in the PCB industry for over 26 years who guide customers through the complexities of design engineering, has chosen Pillarhouse International as their selective soldering process equipment provider and purchased an Orissa Fusion as part of their efforts to increase U.S. market share.

Offering many services, Pro-Active allows their customers to consolidate their manufacturing and engineering needs under a single roof, removing the headaches of managing multiple vendors and complex supply chains. Pro-Active’s approach of prioritising customer service ensures it has attentive and knowledgeable project managers committed to customer success.

Pro-Active has a principle of helping customers design, develop and bring their products to market fast. This high-level manufacturing criteria is precisely why Pro-Active chose Pillarhouse – for the innovative equipment and process expertise. In keeping with Pro-Active’s standards, they chose the Fusion for its high-speed PCB transfer, offering the ultimate in flexibility, to benefit the expansion of their production capabilities.

Process issues and comparative product quality of their previous wave and hand soldering operations prompted Pro-Active to review their relationship with selective soldering. The process features of Pillarhouse’s Fusion machine captivated Pro-Active and made their decision to invest simple. “Before we installed Pillarhouse’s platform, we were using a combination of traditional wave and hand solder techniques, plus a different model and style of selective solder machine,” said Paul Schwanbeck, Vice President, Pro-Active Engineering. “We needed a more cost-effective way of working and the Fusion platform presents us that opportunity and more.”

Schwanbeck continued, “Pillarhouse’s Fusion system was the standout machine in our search for a new selective soldering solution. We wanted to continue the increase in throughput of our selective solder process, while maintaining high quality and high control. With its reliable design for conveyor process, ability to keep the PCB assembly stationary, and the environmental control the multiple pre-heat provides, the Fusion facilitates our objectives superbly.”

After conducting extensive market research, Pro-Active felt the Fusion was the most technologically capable selective soldering system to meet their needs. “We reviewed other manufacturers and machines ahead of making a final decision,” adds Schwanbeck. “Once we saw the Fusion and its impressive features, we liked the fit much better than any other platform. Another key factor was Pillarhouse’s intricate level of support – their fast response to operational issues and their ability to log into the machine for troubleshooting are big positives about their machine and their customer service.”

This investment in Pillarhouse’s selective soldering technology sees Pro-Active eagerly anticipate the desired improvement in efficiency compared to their previous wave and hand soldering methods. “Pro-Active Engineering is extremely satisfied with its decision to purchase Pillarhouse’s Fusion machine,” concludes Schwanbeck. “Their process knowledge is valuable, and we are looking forward to applying the Pillarhouse machine on our new projects.”

Pillarhouse International and Pro-Active Engineering have developed a successful, well-grounded partnership.

For more information about Pro-Active Engineering, please visit Home – Pro-Active Engineering (

24 May 2022
pillarhouse china

Pillarhouse China Opens New Facility

Pillarhouse China Opens New Facility to Enhance and Continue Domestic Growth

pillarhouse china

Pillarhouse International is delighted to confirm the successful opening of our new Pillarhouse China facility, following a relocation from the central Xiangcheng District of Suzhou to Weixi Road, Suzhou Industrial Park in the north of the city.

Remaining within Suzhou demonstrates Pillarhouse International’s continued commitment to the city where we have built our home in China for almost 20 years.

Darren Harvey, General Manager of Pillarhouse China stated, “We are very happy to finally welcome our customers to our brand new, state of the art facility, once again in Suzhou. This multi-purpose site will enable us to build on the success we have enjoyed in the Chinese market ever since our arrival over 15 years ago.”

Pillarhouse China was established in 2005 to provide customers in China and Taiwan world-leading selective soldering solutions, and to ensure Pillarhouse International’s dedication to developing a truly global identity.

Eastern Region Sales Manager Allan Jiang stated, “When Pillarhouse first looked into coming to China back in the 2000’s, our long-term goal was to one day open a first-class facility as impressive as our new site on Weixi Road, Suzhou Industrial Park. We’re looking forward to this new location helping us maintain the close business relationships we have made and enabling us to attract new customers looking for the best selective soldering equipment.”

Reflecting upon the journey that Pillarhouse China has undergone, South China & Taiwan Sales Manager Penny Zhang said, “Our primary role when we set up in the Xiangcheng district of Suzhou a decade ago, was to serve local customers and accumulate experience of the region to a point where we could develop into a fully functional sales team – and that is exactly what we did. Now we have expanded out to cover four major cities in each Chinese region – Dalian in the north, Suzhou in the east, Guangzhou in the south, and Chengdu in the west. We also have brilliant sales representatives in Taiwan. We are a strong, widespread operation.”

The new 5,600 square meter site will allow Pillarhouse China to vastly increase manufacturing and production capabilities. With two main buildings, the factory has full production lines, machine testing and finishing rooms, multifunctional meeting rooms, comprehensive stores and demo spaces, and a full Quality Assurance Department. This all-encompassing space will allow Pillarhouse China to accommodate visitors on business and hospitality, with offices, kitchens, and bathrooms rounding off the premises.

After Pillarhouse China gained a High Technology Certificate from the Chinese government in 2020, this relocation will help to continue the development of new technologies in the rapidly growing selective soldering industry, across both Pillarhouse’s China and UK offices.

“Thanks to the certificate, our products and services now fall within standards of excellence stipulated by Chinese manufacturing authorities. Our new location allows us to further embellish this status by setting up a Development Department to maintain these high standards. Only 25% of foreign companies in China have obtained this certificate and we are extremely proud of this verification”, said Darren Harvey.

Despite the need to continue growth and progression, leaving the factory in the Xiangcheng district of Suzhou was no easy decision, and it was only after extensive consideration that Darren Harvey decided to take Pillarhouse China’s facilities to the next level.

“While the old factory served us tremendously well for many years, the scale of our ambition compelled us to make this move. Suzhou Industrial Park is a hub for international economic and technological cooperation, acting as the talent pool and financial centre for the city. We simply could not miss the opportunity to be there.”

Darren Harvey continued by saying, “Our previous location was a huge factor in the growth and evolution of Pillarhouse China, but the time was right to target a facility with more flexibility and a greater scope of possibilities. We are extremely motivated at Pillarhouse China, and this investment shows our customers and the Chinese market that we are here to stay.”


29 Apr 2022
pillarhouse china

Pillarhouse USA Announces New Western Regional Sales Manager

Pillarhouse USA Announces New Western Regional Sales Manager

sales manager

Pillarhouse International is pleased to announce the appointment of Deon Nungaray as Pillarhouse USA Western Regional Sales Manager, to spearhead sales and technical support efforts in west coast regions of the continental United States.

Adrian De’Ath, Vice President of Pillarhouse USA, Inc. stated “We are delighted to announce that Deon Nungaray has joined the Pillarhouse direct sales team. Deon has an extensive background in electronics manufacturing and has worked under various business environments including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Contract Manufacturers (CM), and consultant capacities, giving him a unique and knowledgeable perspective.”

Mr. Nungaray comes to Pillarhouse with over 25 years’ experience in the PCB manufacturing operations segment. Most recently, Mr. Nungaray was employed by MSA (an OEM CLASS 3 manufacturer of sensing and safety equipment) as Global Operational Excellence Automation Engineer. In this role, Deon fronted all operational excellence activities and was responsible for identifying, assessing, evaluating, and selecting all automation needs for various plants in US and EU factories.

In addition, Deon has an extensive experience working with start-up contract manufacturers and as a PCB manufacturing project consultant, he assisted multiple businesses in establishing automated operations including, but not limited to, SMT, AOI, wave soldering and conformal coating.

Speaking upon his arrival, Deon stated, “I am excited and looking forward to providing our existing customers, and indeed new customers, with highly customisable selective soldering solutions which will not only benefit their internal operations but will ensure a smooth transition from new product development and subsequently, into the hands of operation. I strongly believe that Pillarhouse offers the best-in-class solutions in the highly specialised selective soldering space.”

Deon believes his niche experience across manufacturing sectors will enable him to maintain the success Pillarhouse USA has enjoyed in recent years, proclaiming, “My objective is quite simply to bring the tools, depth of knowledge and support that will ultimately result in the continuation of value-added propositions and deal completions for each respective Pillarhouse customer.”

For more information on Deon Nungaray, please visit Deon Nungaray | LinkedIn

05 Apr 2022
WittcoSales logo

Pillarhouse USA Announces Appointment of WittcoSales

Pillarhouse USA Announces Appointment of WittcoSales in Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Baja MX Regions

WittcoSales Sales LogoPillarhouse USA Sales

Pillarhouse International is delighted to announce the appointment of WittcoSales to lead sales efforts in the Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Baja Mexico regions.

Adrian De’Ath, Vice President of Pillarhouse USA, Inc. stated “We are thrilled to announce WittcoSales have joined the Pillarhouse sales representative team with an extensive background in the electronics manufacturing industry. We are confident that Wittco will be able to provide our customers first class sales and engineering support.”

WittcoSales was established in 1989 to provide a technical conduit between manufacturers of electronic production equipment and their intended market users. CEO Tom Wittmer stated “We are incredibly pleased and looking forward to offering Pillarhouse International within our strong brands of PCB assembly solutions. From entry-level, to highly customised complex systems, Pillarhouse International has a long pedigree of high quality and low cost of ownership selective soldering equipment.”

It was the competitive spirit between Pillarhouse and WittcoSales throughout previous partnerships that made President of Sales Todd Wittmer so keen to join the Pillarhouse USA team. He explains, “Our impressions of Pillarhouse have always been positive. We have always had great respect for Pillarhouse even though they were a competing line of our last partnership. When up against Pillarhouse head-to-head in previous ventures, the competition was always tough, so we are now excited to be playing for this championship team in Pillarhouse.”

Reflecting upon the targets WittcoSales wish to achieve with Pillarhouse USA, Todd affirmed, “We have one and only one objective. That is to provide our customers with the best solutions to assist their company’s production, growth, and success, while representing a quality principle that strives for and delivers product excellence and amazing customer support.”

As well as the shared objective for excellent customer service, Todd expanded upon the mutual benefits of the partnership and the relationship between WittcoSales and Pillarhouse so far by saying, “In the short time we have been partners we have been extremely impressed and satisfied with what Pillarhouse have offered. Our biggest mutual benefit has been our strong belief in the importance of customer satisfaction and our shared company culture.”

“Pillarhouse International is truly a class act and has very high standards of integrity, and this new partnership speaks to their belief in our culture, team, and reputation at WittcoSales. We have learnt the Pillarhouse product line, and we realise the amazing features, technology and team support that make Pillarhouse a company which stands out from the competition.”


For more information about WittcoSales, please visit Wittco Sales



17 Feb 2021

Pillarhouse International and 2021

As we look back upon the trials and tribulations of 2020 with mixed emotions, we remember the extended members of the Pillarhouse organisation who lost their loved ones to the pandemic, and our thoughts are forever with their families. We must also give thanks, for the fighting spirit of our global team, which has seen us through some of the most challenging trading times in living memory.

With limited opportunities to travel and operate in a conventional manner during the last 12 months, Pillarhouse have used this time wisely, restructuring our UK production capability, expanding the sales and service team, and even introducing the new high end Synchrodex Pro modular selective soldering platform.
New remote sales and service working practises were developed and refined, even to the extent that from a service support level, we were able to provide full installation and training for advanced production lines at customer sites in Turkey & Vietnam, from the comfort of our Chelmsford Service & Technology centre.

In-line with our ongoing roadmap for growth and a continued improvement strategy, 2020 saw the appointment of a new UK based General Manager, plus the addition of a Quality Manager.

Throughout this time, production has continued virtually un-abated and although 2020 did not quite see the same continuation in year-on-year growth that we enjoyed over the previous 8 financial years, record sales revenues driven by our Asia powerbase in January, lead us to believe that 2021 will be another great year.

Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to meet up with some of our old friends, and others we are yet to meet at this year’s Productronica ’21 trade fair in Munich, Germany.

Nigel Monk
Managing Director, Pillarhouse International Ltd.

09 Apr 2020
Pillarhouse International

Working With The Electronics Industry To Fight Covid-19

Pillarhouse Working With The Electronics Industry To Fight Covid-19

Pillarhouse International is pleased to be supplying Selective Soldering Systems to a number of key, UK-based, electronic equipment manufacturers to help in the battle to defeat Covid-19 (Coronavirus). This week they will deliver two new Jade Mk II and PillarGEN nitrogen systems to DVR Ltd and an additional PillarGEN nitrogen system to Jaltek Systems.  Along with another Pillarhouse customer, Nemco Ltd, these companies are all helping in the manufacture of lifesaving ventilators.

Whilst Pillarhouse is currently operating greatly reduced staffing levels, due to the UK government’s isolation policy, these Selective Soldering Systems have been assembled and tested from scratch in less than 5 days. Managing Director, Nigel Monk, said “I believe that it is very important that Pillarhouse can help play an active role in helping tackle Covid-19”. He went on to say “I am immensely proud of our Pillarhouse employees, who stepped up and helped, get this equipment out so quickly”.

19 Feb 2020
Pillarhouse International

Pillarhouse’s Simon Smith Receives IPC Award

Pillarhouse’s Simon Smith Receives Distinguished Committee Service Award for Contributions to IPC-2591 Connected Factory Exchange (CFX)

Pillarhouse International announces that Simon Smith, Marketing Manager, received a Special Recognition Award during the recent IPC APEX Expo. The award was presented during the IPC Awards Luncheon on Wednesday 5th February.

Simon accepted the award in recognition of his outstanding contributions towards the development of the IPC-2591 (CFX) standard. IPC-2591 is an electronics manufacturing industry developed standard forming the foundation/backbone of Industry 4.0 Applications. CFX simplifies and standardizes machine to machine communication while also facilitating machine to business/business to machine solutions.

Simon is currently responsible for worldwide marketing for Pillarhouse International. He has been with Pillarhouse for over 22 years with roles as Electronics Engineer, Software Developer, After Sales/Service Manager and Marketing Manager. He is also responsible for special project development.

09 Jan 2020

Pillarhouse USA announces appointment of EAP Sales

Global manufacturer and supplier of selective soldering systems, Pillarhouse USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of EAP, to spearhead sales efforts in Florida. Adrian De’Ath, Vice president for Pillarhouse USA Inc stated “we are thrilled to announce EAP have joined the Pillarhouse sales team, they bring years of sales experience to the table with a comprehensive background in electronics manufacturing, materials, process knowledge.”
Pillarhouse is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of selective soldering systems from hand-load (batch) processes to fully automated high-speed lines. Pillarhouse manufactures a wide range of modular and hand load equipment to fit the changing marketing market needs of today.
Electronic Assembly Products, Ltd. (EAP) was established in 2002 with a promise to provide solutions to your process challenges while receiving superior customer service, integrity and professionalism. John Johnson, President commented “Pillarhouse is recognized as a world leading supplier in the selective solder industry and we are very excited to represent them in the Florida market.”

01 May 2019

IPC-2591 (CFX) Launched And Pillarhouse Equipment Ready To Go

As global markets change, organisations have the opportunity to differentiate themselves with “IIoT Technology” that delivers genuine business benefit, ensuring increased productivity and profitability. Pillarhouse International customers look to us not only for support, but technology that can give them an advantage in a competitive marketplace. The IPC-2591 CFX standard is the first and only standard that directly addresses customer’s increasing need for digitalisation as part of a Smart Industry 4.0 factory, without dependencies on middleware or other services that have, with previous technologies, introduced additional costs, functional limitations, delays, and variation in the way that data was interpreted. CFX is the fundamental step towards genuine Industry 4.0. (more…)