Pillarhouse International and Minerva Exhibitions at Productronica 2023

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Pillarhouse International and Minerva Exhibitions at Productronica 2023

Pillarhouse International and Minerva Exhibitions at Productronica 2023

Pillarhouse International would like to extend our sincere thanks to Minerva Exhibitions, who successfully undertook the design, manufacture, and installation of our stand at Productronica 2023.

Having worked with us on our stand at Productronica 2019, Pillarhouse’s relationship with Minerva was altered during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the decrease in attendance of trade shows globally. This resulted in the downsizing of our exhibition stand spaces, minimising design and equipment requirements, and ultimately a temporary move away from the grander offerings of Minerva’s catalogue.

Productronica 2023, however, represented a return to normality for much of Europe’s electronics manufacturing companies, with regards to exhibiting and large-scale presence at industry events. This is why Pillarhouse International reached out to Minerva Exhibitions to collaborate once again.

David Johnson, Pillarhouse International Sales Manager, reflected on Minerva’s involvement by saying, “Minerva were a great help in assisting our vision for Productronica 2023. The larger stand allowed us to showcase new machinery and demonstrate the new concepts we are bringing to market in 2024. Minerva’s expertise and efficiency meant we could commence with engaging visitors upon arrival. Their design was smart and clean, and we’re glad we could call on them once again.”

Joe Davies, Minerva Exhibitions Founder, said, “We’ve been looking forward to working with Pillarhouse again since Productronica 2019, and it was so incredibly satisfying to see the end result in Munich. It’s a fantastic event, and the Pillarhouse team are a pleasure to work with, so we’re counting down the days until the next show in 2025!”.

Pillarhouse International would once again like to express our gratitude to Joe, Hanka, and the build crew at Minerva Exhibitions for their work on our stand design and build at Productronica 2023.

For more information on Pillarhouse International’s visit to Productronica 2023, please visit: Productronica 2023 – Pillarhouse Exhibition

For more information on Minerva Exhibitions, please visit: minervaexhibitions.com