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17 2月 2021

Pillarhouse International and 2021

As we look back upon the trials and tribulations of 2020 with mixed emotions, we remember the extended members of the Pillarhouse organisation who lost their loved ones to the pandemic, and our thoughts are forever with their families. We must also give thanks, for the fighting spirit of our global team, which has seen us through some of the most challenging trading times in living memory.

With limited opportunities to travel and operate in a conventional manner during the last 12 months, Pillarhouse have used this time wisely, restructuring our UK production capability, expanding the sales and service team, and even introducing the new high end Synchrodex Pro modular selective soldering platform.
New remote sales and service working practises were developed and refined, even to the extent that from a service support level, we were able to provide full installation and training for advanced production lines at customer sites in Turkey & Vietnam, from the comfort of our Chelmsford Service & Technology centre.

In-line with our ongoing roadmap for growth and a continued improvement strategy, 2020 saw the appointment of a new UK based General Manager, plus the addition of a Quality Manager.

Throughout this time, production has continued virtually un-abated and although 2020 did not quite see the same continuation in year-on-year growth that we enjoyed over the previous 8 financial years, record sales revenues driven by our Asia powerbase in January, lead us to believe that 2021 will be another great year.

Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to meet up with some of our old friends, and others we are yet to meet at this year’s Productronica ’21 trade fair in Munich, Germany.

Nigel Monk
Managing Director, Pillarhouse International Ltd.

09 4月 2020
Pillarhouse International

Working With The Electronics Industry To Fight Covid-19

Pillarhouse Working With The Electronics Industry To Fight Covid-19

Pillarhouse International is pleased to be supplying Selective Soldering Systems to a number of key, UK-based, electronic equipment manufacturers to help in the battle to defeat Covid-19 (Coronavirus). This week they will deliver two new Jade Mk II and PillarGEN nitrogen systems to DVR Ltd and an additional PillarGEN nitrogen system to Jaltek Systems.  Along with another Pillarhouse customer, Nemco Ltd, these companies are all helping in the manufacture of lifesaving ventilators.

Whilst Pillarhouse is currently operating greatly reduced staffing levels, due to the UK government’s isolation policy, these Selective Soldering Systems have been assembled and tested from scratch in less than 5 days. Managing Director, Nigel Monk, said “I believe that it is very important that Pillarhouse can help play an active role in helping tackle Covid-19”. He went on to say “I am immensely proud of our Pillarhouse employees, who stepped up and helped, get this equipment out so quickly”.

19 2月 2020
Pillarhouse International

Pillarhouse’s Simon Smith Receives IPC Award

Pillarhouse’s Simon Smith Receives Distinguished Committee Service Award for Contributions to IPC-2591 Connected Factory Exchange (CFX)

Pillarhouse International announces that Simon Smith, Marketing Manager, received a Special Recognition Award during the recent IPC APEX Expo. The award was presented during the IPC Awards Luncheon on Wednesday 5th February.

Simon accepted the award in recognition of his outstanding contributions towards the development of the IPC-2591 (CFX) standard. IPC-2591 is an electronics manufacturing industry developed standard forming the foundation/backbone of Industry 4.0 Applications. CFX simplifies and standardizes machine to machine communication while also facilitating machine to business/business to machine solutions.

Simon is currently responsible for worldwide marketing for Pillarhouse International. He has been with Pillarhouse for over 22 years with roles as Electronics Engineer, Software Developer, After Sales/Service Manager and Marketing Manager. He is also responsible for special project development.

09 1月 2020

Pillarhouse USA announces appointment of EAP Sales

Global manufacturer and supplier of selective soldering systems, Pillarhouse USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of EAP, to spearhead sales efforts in Florida. Adrian De’Ath, Vice president for Pillarhouse USA Inc stated “we are thrilled to announce EAP have joined the Pillarhouse sales team, they bring years of sales experience to the table with a comprehensive background in electronics manufacturing, materials, process knowledge.”
Pillarhouse is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of selective soldering systems from hand-load (batch) processes to fully automated high-speed lines. Pillarhouse manufactures a wide range of modular and hand load equipment to fit the changing marketing market needs of today.
Electronic Assembly Products, Ltd. (EAP) was established in 2002 with a promise to provide solutions to your process challenges while receiving superior customer service, integrity and professionalism. John Johnson, President commented “Pillarhouse is recognized as a world leading supplier in the selective solder industry and we are very excited to represent them in the Florida market.”

01 5月 2019

IPC-2591 (CFX) Launched And Pillarhouse Equipment Ready To Go

As global markets change, organisations have the opportunity to differentiate themselves with “IIoT Technology” that delivers genuine business benefit, ensuring increased productivity and profitability. Pillarhouse International customers look to us not only for support, but technology that can give them an advantage in a competitive marketplace. The IPC-2591 CFX standard is the first and only standard that directly addresses customer’s increasing need for digitalisation as part of a Smart Industry 4.0 factory, without dependencies on middleware or other services that have, with previous technologies, introduced additional costs, functional limitations, delays, and variation in the way that data was interpreted. CFX is the fundamental step towards genuine Industry 4.0. (更多…)

19 12月 2018

Pillarhouse to launch Synchrodex Pro range at APEX 2019

Apex 2019 will see the debut of the new Pillarhouse Synchrodex Pro range of selective soldering systems. The Pro series takes the world’s best-selling modular Selective Soldering System and adds a number of new options and features from their successful Fusion range.

The Synchrodex range is fully modular, allowing a customer to expand from a single flux/preheat/solder module through to a multi-function, multi-module system as their production requirements expand.

Features include:

  • 508mm x 508mm (20″ x 20″) and 610mm x 610mm (24″ x 24″) board handling sizes
  • Interchangeable Mechanical or Magnetic solder bath and pump
  • Lead-free solder capability as standard
  • Top side IR preheat, with closed-loop control
  • DC drives on all axis as standard
  • Motorised underside IR preheat, at all cell positions
  • Automatic nozzle conditioning system as standard
  • Thermal nozzle calibration as standard
  • Solder level detect and motorised wire feeder as standard
  • Wave height correction, as standard
  • Automatic fiducial correction as standard
  • High definition process viewing camera
  • Drop Jet and/or Ultrasonic fluxing
  • Flux flow and volume monitoring,
  • New PillarCOMM control software
  • IPC-2591 (CFX), Smart Factory ready

For more information about the Synchrodex Pro series and the rest of the Pillarhouse range please visit us at Booth 1715.

10 12月 2018

EPAC BV invests in Selective Soldering machine from Pillarhouse

EPAC BV with location in Weert (NL) manufactures customer specific printed circuit assemblies, where not only the SMD components but also the thru hole components require perfect soldering. With its investment in the popular Pillarhouse Jade MK-II selective soldering machine, the company guarantees its customers high quality solder joints.

EPAC has a wide range of customers who integrate their products in different applications. This means that the company must be able to respond to many different demands of their customers, ranging from cable production to electronics production in small and large quantities. Notwithstanding that nowadays a lot of components are processed in SMD, there are still a number of conventional components, in particular displays, connectors and power components that have to be soldered manually or mechanically.

“With the request for more double-sided reflow in combination with power components, we have been looking for a high quality and flexible solution for quite some time now. “says Arno Boot, owner of EPAC BV. “The supply of selective soldering brands is large and we had to weigh our investment against manual soldering.”

Selective soldering provides a high quality soldered connection and is also aesthetically better because no resin or flux residues remain on the PCB. Depending on the application, each soldering point can be soldered individually or in series. Not so much the higher speed, but the repeatability, quality and stability of the process are decisive purchasing factors.

“We tested different manufacturers and systems, both standalone and inline, but immediately after the first demonstration at Smd-Tec we were impressed with the ease of use, flexibility and results of the Pillarhouse Jade machine”, says Florin Ciubotariu, production manager at EPAC BV. “To be completely sure of the capabilities, we did an additional test on a product with a very small pitch in combination with long pins, and also on that challenging product the machine gave perfect results.”

The manufacturer of the Jade MKII machine Pillarhouse has over 30 years of experience and a very large install base at both world-renowned and less well-known companies. Its Jade MKII platform is the world’s most popular and best-selling standalone selective soldering machine.

“It pleases to once again proof that this machine has one of the best quality / price ratios, which results in a record sales year in the Benelux,” says Tom Van Tongelen, Smd-Tec managing director. “Many customers find it a difficult ROI calculation, but bottom line is that it’s an investment that earns itself back in a very short time, because we time and time again make the un-solderable solderable. “

03 9月 2018

Pillarhouse USA Announces The Appointment Of Airtron Electronics Inc.

Pillarhouse USA announces appointment of Airtron Electronics Inc to Canadian Provinces of:
Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Global manufacturer and supplier of selective soldering systems, Pillarhouse USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Airtron Electronics Inc, to spearhead sales efforts in the Canadian Provence’s of Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island territories.
Pillarhouse is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of selective soldering systems from hand-load (batch) processes to fully automated high-speed lines. Pillarhouse manufactures a wide range of modular and hand load equipment to fit the changing marketing market needs of today.

Airtron Electronics was formed in 1982 to provide outstanding support and ‘best in class’ product offerings to the electronics manufacturing industry. Richard Kocheff, President, commented “were please to represent the leader in the selective solder market, this equipment compliments our current line of Industry leading Principles”.

25 6月 2018

Pillarhouse USA announces appointment of Z Tech Services for Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska

Global manufacturer and supplier of selective soldering systems, Pillarhouse USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Z Tech Services, to spearhead sales efforts in the Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska territories.

Pillarhouse is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of selective soldering systems from hand-load (batch) processes to fully automated high-speed lines. Pillarhouse manufactures a wide range of modular and hand load equipment to fit the changing marketing market needs of today.

Z Tech Services, Inc. was established in 1993 based on Our Promise to Provide Optimal Service to Electronic Production Equipment Manufacturers. Thomas Jura, President, commented “We are pleased with the appointment by Pillarhouse USA, to represent them in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. This addition adds to our already impressive list of Industry Leading Principals.”

25 6月 2018

HMD Engineering B.V. Ensures Strong Connections – For Their Products and Suppliers

To provide its products with the highest quality and durable solder joints, the engineering firm HMD Engineering located in Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands, recently invested in the new Pillarhouse “Pilot” Selective Soldering System.

In spite of a rapidly evolving market and the need to provide more and more functionalities on a small surface, it is impossible to obtain all components in SMD package. As an engineering firm that produces tailor-made developments for their customers and normally does not have to produce large quantities, HMD Engineering has traditionally made the choice to do everything in-house; from development to production.

“When it comes to THT soldering, we get confronted with more and more double-sided PCBs on the one hand, and on the other hand our traditional wave soldering machine did not produce enough satisfactory results,” says Rob Huiberts, owner of HMD Engineering. “Especially for smaller companies it is important that we can differentiate ourselves through flexibility, customer service and top-level quality.”

The Pillarhouse Pilot machine is a table model selective soldering machine, which gives the same quality soldering results as its larger brothers Jade and Fusion. It uses a precise Drop Jet fluxer, combined with global and local preheating and a soldering pot that can be equipped with a wide range of nozzle styles to handle any kind of soldering. The PCB remains completely horizontal and the patented return spiral and settings of the pump ensure a repetitive and high quality soldered connection.

“The products we develop include applications such as line scan cameras, data loggers and sensors that are used in extreme conditions. The electrical connection of the components that can endure a mechanical force is therefore indispensable for a reliable product.” according to Rob Huiberts. “We are very satisfied with this investment, and we experienced that by replacing the manual soldering we can also free up more time to realize other projects.”

“The purchase of a Selective Soldering System is an investment that is difficult to calculate for many companies.” confirms Tom Van Tongelen, owner of Smd-Tec, the partner for Pillarhouse in the Benelux region”. The Pillarhouse Pilot offers a financially viable solution and from the experience of our Pillarhouse customers we can see they benefit from using this process. Apart from a repetitive result, the soldering is stronger because you can give each pin its own setting, and the PCB is much cleaner without flux residues. As a bonus the reduced consumption of solder and flux is not only good for the financial bottom line, but also for our environment.” he concludes.