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29 Apr 2022
sales manager

Pillarhouse USA Announces New Western Regional Sales Manager

Pillarhouse USA Announces New Western Regional Sales Manager

sales manager

Pillarhouse International is pleased to announce the appointment of Deon Nungaray as Pillarhouse USA Western Regional Sales Manager, to spearhead sales and technical support efforts in west coast regions of the continental United States.

Adrian De’Ath, Vice President of Pillarhouse USA, Inc. stated “We are delighted to announce that Deon Nungaray has joined the Pillarhouse direct sales team. Deon has an extensive background in electronics manufacturing and has worked under various business environments including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Contract Manufacturers (CM), and consultant capacities, giving him a unique and knowledgeable perspective.”

Mr. Nungaray comes to Pillarhouse with over 25 years’ experience in the PCB manufacturing operations segment. Most recently, Mr. Nungaray was employed by MSA (an OEM CLASS 3 manufacturer of sensing and safety equipment) as Global Operational Excellence Automation Engineer. In this role, Deon fronted all operational excellence activities and was responsible for identifying, assessing, evaluating, and selecting all automation needs for various plants in US and EU factories.

In addition, Deon has an extensive experience working with start-up contract manufacturers and as a PCB manufacturing project consultant, he assisted multiple businesses in establishing automated operations including, but not limited to, SMT, AOI, wave soldering and conformal coating.

Speaking upon his arrival, Deon stated, “I am excited and looking forward to providing our existing customers, and indeed new customers, with highly customisable selective soldering solutions which will not only benefit their internal operations but will ensure a smooth transition from new product development and subsequently, into the hands of operation. I strongly believe that Pillarhouse offers the best-in-class solutions in the highly specialised selective soldering space.”

Deon believes his niche experience across manufacturing sectors will enable him to maintain the success Pillarhouse USA has enjoyed in recent years, proclaiming, “My objective is quite simply to bring the tools, depth of knowledge and support that will ultimately result in the continuation of value-added propositions and deal completions for each respective Pillarhouse customer.”

For more information on Deon Nungaray, please visit Deon Nungaray | LinkedIn

05 Apr 2022
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Pillarhouse USA Announces Appointment of WittcoSales

Pillarhouse USA Announces Appointment of WittcoSales in Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Baja MX Regions

WittcoSales Sales LogoPillarhouse USA Sales

Pillarhouse International is delighted to announce the appointment of WittcoSales to lead sales efforts in the Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Baja Mexico regions.

Adrian De’Ath, Vice President of Pillarhouse USA, Inc. stated “We are thrilled to announce WittcoSales have joined the Pillarhouse sales representative team with an extensive background in the electronics manufacturing industry. We are confident that Wittco will be able to provide our customers first class sales and engineering support.”

WittcoSales was established in 1989 to provide a technical conduit between manufacturers of electronic production equipment and their intended market users. CEO Tom Wittmer stated “We are incredibly pleased and looking forward to offering Pillarhouse International within our strong brands of PCB assembly solutions. From entry-level, to highly customised complex systems, Pillarhouse International has a long pedigree of high quality and low cost of ownership selective soldering equipment.”

It was the competitive spirit between Pillarhouse and WittcoSales throughout previous partnerships that made President of Sales Todd Wittmer so keen to join the Pillarhouse USA team. He explains, “Our impressions of Pillarhouse have always been positive. We have always had great respect for Pillarhouse even though they were a competing line of our last partnership. When up against Pillarhouse head-to-head in previous ventures, the competition was always tough, so we are now excited to be playing for this championship team in Pillarhouse.”

Reflecting upon the targets WittcoSales wish to achieve with Pillarhouse USA, Todd affirmed, “We have one and only one objective. That is to provide our customers with the best solutions to assist their company’s production, growth, and success, while representing a quality principle that strives for and delivers product excellence and amazing customer support.”

As well as the shared objective for excellent customer service, Todd expanded upon the mutual benefits of the partnership and the relationship between WittcoSales and Pillarhouse so far by saying, “In the short time we have been partners we have been extremely impressed and satisfied with what Pillarhouse have offered. Our biggest mutual benefit has been our strong belief in the importance of customer satisfaction and our shared company culture.”

“Pillarhouse International is truly a class act and has very high standards of integrity, and this new partnership speaks to their belief in our culture, team, and reputation at WittcoSales. We have learnt the Pillarhouse product line, and we realise the amazing features, technology and team support that make Pillarhouse a company which stands out from the competition.”


For more information about WittcoSales, please visit Wittco Sales