Pillarhouse International and 2021

Pillarhouse International and 2021

As we look back upon the trials and tribulations of 2020 with mixed emotions, we remember the extended members of the Pillarhouse organisation who lost their loved ones to the pandemic, and our thoughts are forever with their families. We must also give thanks, for the fighting spirit of our global team, which has seen us through some of the most challenging trading times in living memory.

With limited opportunities to travel and operate in a conventional manner during the last 12 months, Pillarhouse have used this time wisely, restructuring our UK production capability, expanding the sales and service team, and even introducing the new high end Synchrodex Pro modular selective soldering platform.
New remote sales and service working practises were developed and refined, even to the extent that from a service support level, we were able to provide full installation and training for advanced production lines at customer sites in Turkey & Vietnam, from the comfort of our Chelmsford Service & Technology centre.

In-line with our ongoing roadmap for growth and a continued improvement strategy, 2020 saw the appointment of a new UK based General Manager, plus the addition of a Quality Manager.

Throughout this time, production has continued virtually un-abated and although 2020 did not quite see the same continuation in year-on-year growth that we enjoyed over the previous 8 financial years, record sales revenues driven by our Asia powerbase in January, lead us to believe that 2021 will be another great year.

Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to meet up with some of our old friends, and others we are yet to meet at this year’s Productronica ’21 trade fair in Munich, Germany.

Nigel Monk
Managing Director, Pillarhouse International Ltd.