IPC-2591 (CFX) Launched And Pillarhouse Equipment Ready To Go

IPC-2591 (CFX) Launched And Pillarhouse Equipment Ready To Go

As global markets change, organisations have the opportunity to differentiate themselves with “IIoT Technology” that delivers genuine business benefit, ensuring increased productivity and profitability. Pillarhouse International customers look to us not only for support, but technology that can give them an advantage in a competitive marketplace. The IPC-2591 CFX standard is the first and only standard that directly addresses customer’s increasing need for digitalisation as part of a Smart Industry 4.0 factory, without dependencies on middleware or other services that have, with previous technologies, introduced additional costs, functional limitations, delays, and variation in the way that data was interpreted. CFX is the fundamental step towards genuine Industry 4.0.

Pillarhouse International is proud to have been a key partner in the creation and realisation of this specification. As a member of the design committee Pillarhouse International has been able to not only help define the transport protocols, but also the message structures and content. With this insight into the specification Pillarhouse International has already created a CFX implementation module for their entire, current, range of Selective Soldering Systems. The CFX module can not only be added to future Selective Soldering Systems, but can also be retro-fitted to any systems already in production.

With CFX uniquely defining the protocol, encoding mechanism, as well as the standard message definition and content, CFX is the true “Plug-and-Play” standard for the industry. As a non-vendor specific standard, CFX allows for reduction in costs of Smart factory support, as well as giving end-users the opportunity to utilise additional actionable data. Imagine a system that allows the Corporate Production Director to monitor line utilisation anywhere in the world; whilst the same system will send an SMS to a local Maintenance Technician when a consumable has run-out. CFX can give you this functionality.

CFX provides the opportunity to gain data from other machines, lines, and across the factory as a whole, easily integrating with the next-generation digital manufacturing platforms that already support CFX technology.

For further information about adding a CFX implementation to your Pillarhouse systems please contact [email protected] or for details of the CFX standard please visit www.ipc-cfx.org.