Pillarmat II

Automatic Skeining Machine

The Pillarmat II has been specifically designed to operate with vertical or horizontal high production multi-spindle winding machines with up to 24 spindles.

During winding, the wire runs through the Pillarmat II, which provides constant tension by means of a specially designed fine wire tensioner. When the winding machine stops, the Pillarmat II forms the wire into multi-stranded narrow loops. These are then twisted together to produce a reinforced length (skein) of wire which is much stronger than the original wire.

The winding machine then winds the skein onto coils, producing reinforced “finish” leads. The skeins are then cut or terminated, leaving enough skein to provide the “start” leads for the next set of coils to be wound.



Spindle Selection

The spindle selection facility is most useful when setting up or changing wire supplied, as each spindle can be skeined and set in turn. The rear needle solenoid operation can be programmed so that skeining is carried out only on selected spindles. This allows skeining of different wires on alternate spindles – coils with two different wire diameters can therefore be produced in one machine cycle.

Skein Contraction

When skeins are twisted at high speed, they can contract in length by as much as 20%. A system which does not allow correct skein contraction risks wire breakage or insulation damage. The Pillarmat II micro-processor actually counts the number of twists. The skein contraction rate is electronically generated to the counting system, which ensures that the skeins contract at exactly the right rate in direct relation to the number of twists. A further advantage of this system is that skeins can be fully twisted, to produce very small end loops. This can be particularly important on components where space is at a premium (e.g. sub-miniature relays and encapsulated sensor coils).

Stranding Speed

For skeining ultra-fine wire (below 0.03mm) or heavier gauges (above 0.1mm), either fast, medium or slow stranding speeds can be selected. This facility enables the Pillarmat II to handle a very wide range of wire diameters to cover almost any skeining requirement.

Optional speed control by percentage is also available.

Vertical Stranding Eyelets

Changing the stranding eyelet from horizontal to vertical has greatly improved the wire handling characteristics of the Pillarmat II. The wire now passes straight through the machine, with no additional tension being applied by the stranding eyelets. The design of the stranding bar has also been improved, using a far more robust drive mechanism.


The Pillarmat II can be quickly and easily interfaced with any type of multi-spindle winding machine. An RS 232 or optional RS 422 serial link, enable the Pillarmat to be programmed directly from the winding machine control panel. An opto-isolated external start input is provided. Relay contacts give and end of cycle output. A range of stands is available to suit most types of winding machinery.

Front take-up arms can be fitted to provide additional tension during automatic terminal wrapping by the winding machine.


Programming the Pillarmat II could not be easier as only 3 values need to be entered for each programme:

  • Wire diameter in microns
  • Number of strands
  • Length of skein in mm.

The machine automatically calculates the number of twists and the skein contraction rate required. A manual override facility allows programs to be customised to suit special tasks.
The visual display shows all program details and has a selfdiagnostic facility to aid fault finding. The machine can be switched into step mode and stepped through the selected program to check for correct operation.


  • Height: Customer defined
  • Width: Model dependent
  • Depth: Model dependent
  • Skein Length:
    Pillarmat 450s: Adjustable between 50mm – 450mm
    Pillarmat 650s: Adjustable between 250mm – 650mm
  • Wire diameter range: Standard 0.02mm – 0.2mm
  • Number of spindles: 2 – 24
  • Spindle pitch:
    Standard version (2 – 8 spindles) 30mm – 240mm
    Wide version (2 – 24 spindles) 30mm – 600mm
    Extra-wide version (2 – 24 spindles) 30mm – 935mm
  • Power supplies: Single phase + PE
  • Voltage: European 220 – 240V
    USA 110 – 220V
  • Frequency: European 50Hz
    USA 60Hz
  • Operating speed: 4 secs (3 strand 500 twist setting)
  • Finish: Ash grey
    All remaining steel parts satin chrome and zinc plated
    All light alloy parts satin anodised

Machine Patent No’s:
UK – 2049748, 2073632, 2093382, 2114032
Europe – 329465, 422943
Global Patent equivalents in Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, USA

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